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Founded in 1997, Make Power  Corporation is a manufacturer, designer, and distributor , AC/DC adapters and DC/DC converters, offering over 3,000 SKUs.  Our commitment to quality and customer service enables us to provide a wide variety of customers with reliable standard and custom-configured products that meet their performance and cost objectives. Make Power  is headquartered in North America (Mansfield, MA) and has design and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia  and  Thailand.


Make Power  sells its products to design engineers and OEMs in a diverse set of market segments including medical, industrial, instrumentation, communications, and emerging markets such as LED Lighting. Make Power  customers often require specific technical support regarding power supply requirements and receive this by contacting our knowledgeable technical staff, via phone, email or Instant Messaging.


Make Power ability to provide a broad product offering, superior technical customer support, and rapid order fulfillment (most products ship within 24 hours) are core competencies that have enabled Make Power  to establish itself as a leading supplier of power supplies. Make Power  key competitive advantage lies in its ability to offer its customers a broad range of power supplies that are available in small volumes, off-the-shelf, along with the ability to modify these designs at low and high volumes.


Make Power  flexible manufacturing and design approaches allow us to best serve our growing customers’ needs and demands.


Make Power  world-class design, development and manufacturing team stands ready to work with you to deliver the exact power   converter you need for your  ready to work with you to deliver the exact power converter you need for your demanding, large volume, OEM applications.  And ... we ll do it on time and  within budget  Our experienced applications and design staffs; quick-turn prototype  capability; highly automated, SMT assembly facilities;   and in-line SPC quality-control techniques combine to give us the unique ability to design and deliver any quantity of power  converters to the highest standards of quality  and reliability.


We have compiled a large library of DC/DC designs that are currently used in a variety of telecom, medical, computer, railway, aerospace and industrial applications.  We may already have the converter you need.
Contact us. Our goal is to provide you the highest-quality, most cost-effective power converters available.



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