65~460VAC or 90~650VDC
2011-03-05 15:50:14


This power supplier can cope with 65~460VAC or 90~650VDC ultra-wide input voltage range, operates with any two wires of standard three-phase four-wire (380/220V) source. When the power source is defective and lead to over-voltage, this power supplier will automatically shut down and protect the terminal and itself from damage, and raise the reliability of the system. The power supplier has two outputs 5V & 12V, and the isolation is as high as 4000VAC in between any input, output and outputs. Conforming to IEC/EN61000 standard: Pulse 4KV, Surge 2KV/4KV, EMC/EMI EN55022 Class B etc, adapt to a variety of applications where high isolation and harsh EMI conditions exist.
l  Input voltage range: 30~280Vac/30~400Vdc;
l  Conduction/Radiation: Class B; 
l  Burst/Surge: Class 4;
l  Multi-output protection functions: short circuit protection,    over-vol tage
l  High efficiency, high reliability, low ripple & noise, low standby power consumption;
l  Long-life low-impedance electrolytic capacitors;
l  Gild pin, customized available. 
Input Voltage Range  30~280Vac or 30~400Vdc
Input frequency(Hz)  47~440
Input Current(A)  0.1 Typ  @Vin=220Vac,Io=100% 
Standby power consumption (W)  0.2 Typ   @Vin=220Vac,Io=0

Nominal output voltage(V)  13
Output current(A)  0.5 
Voltage set accuracy  ±1 %
Input variation  ±0.5%
Load variation (10% to 100%)  ±1%
Ripple & ripple(mVp-p)   ( 0~+60 ) ℃   130 Max 
Output Short circuit protection  Continuous, and auto recovery
Output over voltage protection  (Feedback-clamp) Voltage limited≤15

Efficiency (%)  75Typ  @Vin=220Vac, Io=100%
Leakage current(Ma)  0.3Typ  @Vin=220Vac
Temperature drift(%/℃)  ±0.02Max
Start up time(ms)  50(Typ) @Vin=220Vac, Io=100%
Hold-up time(ms)  200 (Typ) @Vin=220Vac, Io=100%
Maximum capacitive load(µF)  470 @Vin=220Vac, Io=100%

Isolation voltage  Input/Output  4000VAC 1 min; insulation resistance>50MΩ@500VDC
MI/RFI conducted  EN55022, level B
Electrical fast transients/bursts on mains line  IEC/EN 61000-4-4 level 4   4kV  EMC Compliance
Surge  IEC/EN 61000-4-5 level 4   2kV/4kV
Operating tem., Humidity & altitude  -25~+70℃,20-90%RH, 3000m(1000 feet)Max
Storage tem., Humidity & altitude  -25~+85℃,20-90%RH,9000m(3000 feet)Max
Vibration  10~55Hz,19.6m/s
(2G),3min; X,Y,Z   axis   60min
Shock  196.1m/s
(2G),11ms; X,Y,Z axis 1 time 
Switching frequency  60kHz Typ
Cooling  Free air convection
Weight  55g
Outline size  80mm(L)×40mm(W)×30mm(H)
1. Unless otherwise specified, all specifications above are measured at rated input voltage and rated output load, TA=25℃,                                            
humidity < 75%;
2. Ripple and Noise were measured by the method of parallel lines. See detailed operation instructions at Testing of Power Converter section.

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